Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time to make time....

Well this has been a rough couple of days for me. I received a letter from my 1st grade teacher yesterday.... unfortunately she does not remember me... old age plays nasty tricks on people and how hurt and sad I was when she questioned who I was in the short note she wrote. I have always kept in touch with Mrs. Z....sending Christmas cards each year and trying to wrote at least 1 other time during the year. The only reply I ever get is a letter sometimes after Christmas so I was thrilled to see her name on the return label. Only to open the letter and be saddened to the point of tears. David totally did not understand and thought I was over reacting. How could he know how I felt. I mean this is a woman I idolized my entire life. She was an awesome teacher and wonderful woman in many ways. She is the reason I wanted to teach my entire life. Now she does not know who I am or how much she means to me. Does she know what an impact she had on me? I do not know but I am in the process of writing her a letter and I will indeed tell her how much she means to me and always has!

So after all of that I decided to try to reconnect with some old friends that I had lost touch with. Only to find that one of them was killed in a bad car accident 2 years ago! She was only 39 and we shared a special friendship, one most people did not understand. She was married to my ex husband and through parenting of my then stepsons we became friends. The bond we had because of the shared parenting was a unique one and one people often frowned upon since I was married to her ex husband at the time. It worked for us and it kept things stable for the boys so that is what mattered. We remained friends even after my ex and I divorced only to lose touch a few years ago. Finding out about her death and at such a young age was obviously disturbing and sad but it was almost surreal for me. Makes you step back and look at life hard. I will me you Kim but know you are in better hands now.

There is a silver lining to this horrible dark cloud .... because of these 2 sad events it made me more determined to find a dear old friend, Laura... I am happy to say I spent nearly 2 hours talking with her on the phone and reconnecting! So happy to have found her healthy and well.

So this year of 2010 my goal will be to reconnect with those I have lost touch with, make more time to spend with dear friends, and to spend more time with my family making memories!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Powewheels everywhere!

Well after a botched Christmas present.... the jeeps Santa brought for Amber and Jennifer were too small..... we finally got it all right!
Destiny received a Disney Princess 4 wheeler from the big red man on Christmas morning which she loves, but the other 2 had to be returned and then the hunt was on to find a ride on that fit them, that they wanted, and that were in stock!
After a trip to Aiken it all came to fruition yesterday.
Amber picked a TP Cruiser Princess car and Jennifer picked a blue Yamaha 4wheeler. Determined to make Jenn's ride girly we took off all the stickers and applies our own flowers and paisleys all over it. It is so cute and she loves it! Today Maddie came over and they played outside for hours in the cold riding everywhere! Later when Shelby came over she joined in the fun. They love them and were so thankful today! After all the playing and riding we went to dinner at Chili's and then out for ice cream to treat them for being so good today.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in the New Year....

We had a great time last night ringing in the New Year! Aunt Pat and Heather were able to come over. Mom was not feeling well and stayed home for some much needed rest.
The kids were everywhere with hers, ours, and a little boy her for the night. They played games and watched movies after we munched out on all kinds of goodies.
The adults played wii and what a blast we had. Even Aunt Pat played and she whooped our butts in bowling!! The kids hit the beds about 10:30 and we drug ourselves to be between 2:30-5:00am.....

Fast forward to New Years Day where we had a great brunch mingled in with playtime and more wii with the kids. When the kiddos went down for a nap Aunt Pat, Heather, and I went to the mall for an exchange and so I could spend a Christmas gift card. Found 3 great shirts on sale! We were headed to see a movie but didn't get to go..... seems I am behind on the laundry and David couldn't find any pants! Sooooo we stayed home to do laundry and clean up after all the holiday fun.

All in all it was a great evening and day for the most part. Looking forward to a new year and some serious changes in our household and lives....

Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year in review....

2009 was a full year for us. All 3 of my girls are in school now. Destiny entered the 1st grade, Jennifer joined her at "big school" in Kindergarten, and Amber is in Pre-K this year.They all love school and although they all have their own challenges they are doing pretty well.
We moved - AGAIN! This time into a large house where everyone got a chance to have their OWN room. Jennifer and Amber have since decided they like and want to share a room. Destiny loves having her own space and would cringe at the thought of sharing it. We added a new 4 legged member to our family..... a friend for Bella. Riley has certainly brought out the puppy and playful side to her we had not seen before. David is still at Triad and hopefully will be for a long time to come - great job and great people! I am still doing childcare but have scaled back dramatically to just 3 little ones right now. I needed the "break" that this has given me. I was definitely feeling burnt out on childcare. The boys I keep now are a joy and much easier than the full house I once had. I turned 40 in October and I must admit that it was a little disturbing to me. I questioned where and who I was a bit if in silence... some answers I gave myself were good and some not so.
We had a fun year of beach trips, zoo outings, birthday parties, movie nights, and more.
I am thankful for the family and friends I have and the new ones I made this past year. Looking back this year it was a roller coaster ride for me but all in all a good year. My family is happy and healthy as we enter 2010, I could not ask for more!